Students have been waiting for it for eleven months and here it is: the traditional Foire d’Octobre (fun fair) that takes place from 6th October until 11th November. Exciting times!

WOOOW!!! Two things can provoke this scream that people usually hear while getting close to the Boulevard d’Avroy: the smell of the lacquements or the enthusiasm of people riding on one of the 172 carousels: La Foire d’Octobre is there! It’s the oldest “foire” that you can find in Belgium (it has been in Liège since 1534). La Foire d’Octobre is perfect if you want to have a break and sometimes put on weight because – yes, you have to admit it – food is the main reason why you love it: lacquemants, croustillons, churros, hamburgers, barbe à papa and so on… No more good or bad reasons to avoid it, just go, have fun and… don’t forget that at night, it’s even better!

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